Payment methods

Pay for your purchases comfortably and safely.

Choose your preferred payment method from the following payment methods:

Credit card

Safe online payment with your Mastercard or VISA card — it's simple. And because we value data security and your trust, SSL encryption offers the greatest security when paying by credit card: all order and credit card data is transmitted to us in encrypted form during this process.

To pay by credit card, select "Credit Card" when ordering. You will then be asked to provide the following credit card d

etails:- Type of card (Master
card or VISA)- Cardholde
r's name- Card
number- Check numbe
r- Validity time

You will find the name of the cardholder, the card number and the validity period on the front of your credit card. The verification number is a three-digit number (the last three digits of the number shown in the signature field) affixed to the front of your credit card. This figure enhances internet payment security.

Your payment is made through a payment form from the STRIPE payment platform.

Stripe is a leading provider of secure transactions.

The work process meets visa and MasterCard's PCI safety standards.

You can pay safely online.

Bank transfer – Bancontact

Please do not forget to provide the order number and customer number so that we can correctly identify your payment.

We process your order as soon as we find that the billing amount has been credited. In some cases, the transfer of your bank amount to our account takes two business days. We book your items for 7 days so that you have enough time to make the prepayment.


PayPal is a well-known international online payment service that allows you to pay easily, quickly, free and securely in online shops.

PayPal is safe: Your bank or credit card details are only stored at PayPal. Therefore, they are not transmitted over the Internet during every online purchase. The payment is debited from the registered credit card or taken from your account.

PayPal is simple: You pay in two clicks. You access your bank or credit card details stored at PayPal instead of entering it with every purchase.

PayPal is fast: Following the payment of PayPal, the seller immediately receives a confirmation and can quickly ship the goods to you.

Use PayPal immediately:Foll
owing the payment of PayPal, the seller immediately receives a confirmation and can quickly ship the goods to you.

We deliver to your home address in Belgium (billing address) or to a different delivery address (e.g. business address, hotel address, address of people you know, address of friends).

Delivery normally takes place within 1 working day from the order if the delivery address is correct and the payment has been found (in case of bank transfer).

Delivery costs

Delivery to Belgium is FREE.

Package of 10 euros for all other countries (Germany Spain United Kingdom , France , Netherlands , Luxembourg) regardless of the number of products purchased.


Delivery by DPD -Mondial-Relay – BPost – GLS.

Track your package trackE
dThe shipping confirmation email contains a link that allows you to track your package's status online.