Free Pickup & Corporate Customers

All customers have access to free pickup for large volumes.

A personal advisor will come to your office and give you an estimate of the value of your devices

Pack your devices takes care of picking up your package for free offers a complete service to companies wishing to resell their fleet

Phones, laptops, tablets, desktops, computer accessories…

Optimize your overhead costs and reduce your ecological footprint!

Contact us at 02 265 38 66 and we will take care of everything!

A personal advisor

Benefit from a personal advisor. He will be at your disposal, will process all your requests and will remain your privileged contact.

Fast estimate and payment

Your personal advisor will give you an estimate of your devices. 

The settlement and tracking of your transaction is sent to you within 48 hours after processing your devices.

Deletion of data is in partnership with the company thus providing you with the guarantee of the total and safe deletion of the data contained in your devices.

And a certificate of destruction will be provided to you.